Bird Watching

Calling all birders and photographers: It’s The Place of Plenty and you are invited to come and explore the riches of the Western Cape's Feathered Friends!

Enjoy watching the raptors like the African Harrier-Hawk, Black-Shouldered Kite or the Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk and much more, circling above Agape Apartments. 
Our dams are looking good after the abundant rains and they are being frequented by interesting birds especially waders. There are the usual water birds like flamingoes and an array of ducks but at present also African Snipe, Whimbrels and Bar-tailed Godwits have been recorded. The Godwits are the most impressive as they can fly 11,000 km in about 12 days sometimes at a speed reaching up to 80 km an hour. Bar-tailed Godwits weigh between 190grams and 400grams, but can contract their organs to make them even lighter for longer flights.
At the Strand Tern Roost, which is 10 min. aways from Agapé Apartments, Terns including Elegant, Sandwich and Greater Crested Tern, have been spotted. 
Come and enjoy this facinatiing phenomenon of Birding right on our doorstep! 
Do have a look at our Blog which includes some lovely reporting on our local Fauna and Flora.

Agape Apartments offer registered Birders a SPECIAL RATE on accommodaiton when staying with us on a Birding Expedition!  Contact management directly for reservations:-