Cape Flowers and Feathered Friends

Posted on So November 15, 2020.

Bird-watching is an incredibly popular hobby nowadays even amongst young people. It adds so much value to your travels to ensure a richly satisfying experience. The Western Cape prides itself in its floral kingdom which is called, “Fynbos” (fine bush). Fynbos includes proteas of which the King Protea, also South Africa’s national flower, is the largest . These flowers are pollinated by birds, bees and insects. Photo by Ed Raubenheimer.


Day 106 of Covid-19 Lockdown.

Posted on Fr Juli 10, 2020.

Day 106 of Covid-19 Lockdown. 10 July 2020
Agape Apartments is committed to feed the people in need!
The curve in the Western Cape has flattened with substantially fewer infections daily. The pattern follows exactly what was predicted as we all live by very stick social distancing rules, make use of face masks and each business offers hand sanitization when one enters.



Posted on Fr April 10, 2020.

10 Maerz 2020
Ja, auch Sued Afrika ist betroffen von dieser weltweiten Pandemie. Unser President, Cyril Ramaphosa, war sehr zuversichtlich und hat schon ganz frueh einen Nationalen Lockdown angekuendigt, der dann 4 Tage spaeter in Kraft getreten ist, am 27 Maerz 2020. Das ist genau in der Mitte unserer Hoch-Saison und Agape Apartments hat auch noch Gaeste geherbergt! Ploetzlich wurden Fluege storniert, unser Grenzen wurden dicht gemach und die Flughaefen geschlossen.


2019 Is here and so is Agape Apartments

Posted on Di Januar 1, 2019.

Find out why it is super cool to stay in your own apartment when exploring the Cape Wine Region and Cape Town.